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blogger feed widget updates are delayed

I have a recent posts widget installed on my blog and used the FEED GADGET on Blogger to fetch the latest entries through my feedburner feed - A couple of times, I noticed that even though my feedburner feed showed the most recent entry immediately after post, my RECENT POST WIDGET behaved in contrast.

my feed widget on blogger dont update

Refreshing and reloading the page, clearing my browser's cache and cookies nor logging out then in on blogger didnt help. 10 minutes passed, half an hour, one whole hour, it's still the same. my blogger feed widget updates are late!

If you'll encounter this bug, here's some of things I did to fix it.
1. Check your blog's default atom and rss feed. See if it shows the newest post.
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Change blogname with the name of your blog.

2. Check your feedburner feed if it's the same with your blog's default atom and rss feeds. If it isn't, PING FEEDBURNER. This tells feedburner to check your feed for updates immediately.

how to tell feedburner that your blog has been updated

3. Go to PINGOMATIC. This will ping different search engines and tell them that your blog has been updated. On the RSS URL, enter your feedburner feed if it shows the most updated post. If feedburner is delayed, use your blog's default atom/rss feed.

how to tell search engines that your blog has been updated

4. Edit your BLOGGER FEED gadget. Change the feed URL. If the feed entered is your feedburner feed and the preview is still the same, type in your blog's default atom/rss feed instead.

how to fix delay on blogger recent posts widget

Hopefully, this will fix the delay in your blogger feed gadget updates.
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April 28, 2014 at 10:05 AM

I could use help in this are too, but for a non technical person, the directions are too vague.


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